National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia
73 years of activity


Ensemble LADO presents roughly one hundred concerts a year, both in Croatia and abroad. The ensemble’s repertoire consists of approximately one hundred choreographies and a plethora of songs both secular and spiritual. LADO showcases dance/singing/orchestral programmes, singing programmes and orchestral programmes. The women perform as a choir called “Ladarice” and the men perform as a choir called “Vokalisti Lada”. The orchestra performs on its own as “Orkestar Lada”.

Performances in Croatia

For additional information on the organisation of our performances in Croatia, please fill out and send the enclosed form: Inquiry for proposal for LADO ensemble performance in Croatia to

Performances abroad

For all information on Ensemble LADO's tours and performances abroad as well as other forms of international cooperation, please send us the following filled out form: Inquiry for an Ensemble LADO performance abroad to


"Folklor je kao i livada, puna raznobojnog poljskog cvijeća, ništa u njem nije isto, uvijek je sve novo, uvijek je malo drugačije i još ljepše..." Zvonimir Ljevaković