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1. How to become a dancer/singer for the LADO Ensemble?

The LADO Ensemble is a cultural institution and the Republic of Croatia's only professional folk dance ensemble, and as such employs persons of voting age (18 years and up). Dancers/singers and musicians are accepted into the ensemble after successfully completing an audition. Calls to auditions are made after candidates have submitted their complete applications to the LADO Ensemble. Vacancies are announced in the Croatian Official Gazette, on LADO's official web site and on the web site of the Croatian Ministry of Culture as well as the Croatian Employment Institute.

2. What to expect at an audition for the LADO Ensemble?

  • Audition for a LADO Ensemble musician

Candidates will be asked to prepare a selection of folklore works for their audition to be played on their primary instrument so as to showcase their musical and technical abilities. Following this, the head of the orchestra will choose a piece from LADO's repertoire for the candidate to play (without prior practice) so as to demonstrate the candidates ability to read sheet music.

  • Audition for a LADO Ensemble dancer/singer

Candidates will be tested on their sense of rhythm and pitch, as well as their singing ability and range of voice. Candidates need to prepare one folklore song. Following this, candidates will be tested on their dance technique and style skills by dancing elements of various Croatian traditional dances as shown to them by a dancer from the LADO Ensemble.

3. Can I sign up my child to train at LADO?

As LADO is a public institution, all LADO Ensemble staff is of voting age, and all LADO staff are contracted employees. If you are interested in having your child involved in folklore, please contact one of the many amateure folk ensembles who work with youth. In Zagreb there is a list of all registered groups on the web site of the City of Zagreb (http://bit.ly/2kLAsKc).

4. Does LADO purchase traditional folk attire?

The LADO Ensemble will purchase traditional costumes and pieces in the event they are needed to complete the Ensemble's repertoire. If you would like to offer LADO costuming to purchase or to donate, please send us photographs and your information to the following email: lado@lado.hr.

You can also consider contacting the Department for the Preservation, Reconstruction and Lending of Traditional Costumes (http://bit.ly/2lFj6Oz) as well as the Ethnographic Museum (http://bit.ly/2m7qcMA).

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"Folklor je kao i livada, puna raznobojnog poljskog cvijeća, ništa u njem nije isto, uvijek je sve novo, uvijek je malo drugačije i još ljepše..." - Zvonimir Ljevaković